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                     Knighty Knight Publishing

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      Rully Akbar is a talented artist who has made significant contributions to the world of comics. Some of his notable works include Murderman by Scheme Wolf Comics, Captain Eagle by Vigilante Studios, Ahmose by Ben Slabak, Deadlands by Outrider Publications, and Tribulation Taskforce by Starcross Comics. In addition to these titles, he also creates cover art for numerous studios.












     Currently, Rully Akbar is an essential member of Knighty Knight Publishing, where he will be working on his next project titled Death in the City. For those interested in viewing his impressive portfolio or learning more about him, he can be contacted through his social media accounts:


 email at,

 Instagram at rully akbar (@rullyakbar_art) | Instagram

 Facebook at Rully Akbar | Facebook


      After choosing to revive the SleepRunners series nearly seven years after its initial release, we soon realized that we required additional assistance. As progress was sluggish, we concluded that the first three issues required new illustrations. Rully recommended Rahmad Wisnu for the task, and we subsequently recruited him to help us out.

     Rahmad's passion for drawing began at a young age and has persisted throughout his life. In fact, it's hard to find blank sheets of paper in his house due to his love for creating art. After a seven-year hiatus from drawing to focus on office work, he started drawing comics in 2015. Today, he is fully dedicated to creating remarkable artwork as a comic artist. Rahmad resides in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, with his beloved wife and three wonderful children.

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Rahmad has an impressive portfolio of comic works, including several titles from SoV Comics, such as Violete, Blue Shift, Penumbra, Lacuna, and Cascade. Currently, he is involved in the creation of the Immortalis series, Brand-X from DmD comics, Foxtwins from Alpha Comics, as well as several fan fiction comics.
Furthermore, Rahmad remains a crucial member of Knighty Knight Publishing and is currently working on the continuation of SleepRunners, ensuring that fans of the series will have more thrilling adventures to enjoy.

For those interested in viewing his impressive portfolio or learning more about him, he can be contacted through his social media accounts:

email at

 Instagram at Rahmad Wisnu (@manowolvie) | Instagram

 Facebook at Rahmad Wisnu | Facebook


      Zilson is an exceptional artist with an extensive career as a professional comic artist dating back to 2012. He has an impressive portfolio of works, including Origin of Shazrath from Argo Comics, Siamese from Dojo Kun Comics, and titles from Advent Comics, Isle Square Studios, and Reboot Comics, among others. Presently, he is a penciler/inker for Tungsten Studios' Marvelous and Rising Star Comics' Rebound. Zilson's remarkable talent and expertise make him a valuable asset to the comic book industry.


       Zilson's color contributions to our team have been invaluable, and we are thrilled to have him on board for future projects. With his exceptional skills, we can rest assured that he will continue to provide our readers with breathtaking, vibrant-colored panels for forthcoming issues.

Contact Zilson through his social media accounts


Instagram at ZILSON santos da costa (@zilsoncosta1) | Instagram

 Facebook at Zilson Costa | Facebook


Periya Pillai is an accomplished comics colorist with over 12 years of experience in the field. He has worked with several reputable studios, including Soliel Productions, American Mythology Comics, Argo Comics, and Grock Comics. Moreover, he the founder of DreamColourStudios Ltd, an enterprise dedicated to providing top-quality color artwork to clients worldwide. With his impressive expertise and background, Periya Pillai is a trusted name in the comic book industry.

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Contact Periya through his social media accounts


Instagram at Periya Pillai (@periya_pillai) | Instagram

 Facebook at Periya Pillai | Facebook


    For the past 14 years, Shannon Vokes has been dedicated to creating a captivating and distinctive series with SleepRunners. Originally from Florida, Shannon relocated to Kentucky to pursue his passion for writing. Despite having no prior experience in writing, he poured his heart and soul into SleepRunners, assembling a top-notch team to bring his vision to life. With the launch of Knighty Knight Publishing, Shannon self-funded every aspect of the project with the sole purpose of making SleepRunners the best it could be. As the release date approaches, Shannon hopes readers will find the same joy in reading SleepRunners as he did in creating it.

 Contact Shannon Vokes through Social Media or Email

email at

 Instagram at Shannon Vokes (@sleeprunners2020) | Instagram

 Facebook at Shannon Vokes | Facebook


We express our heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals for their invaluable contributions to the early development of SleepRunners.

Kewber's remarkable artistry on the original release holds a special place in my heart. His unwavering dedication and stunning illustrations played a crucial role in keeping my dream alive. Today, Kewber is still creating inspiring artwork for Dynamite and is widely recognized as one of the best in the business.

 Contact Kewber Baal through Social Media or Email

 Instagram at Kewber Baal (@kewberbaal) | Instagram

 Facebook at Kewber Baal | Facebook


       Martin played a crucial role in the inception of SleepRunners, contributing greatly to the original concepts and script. It all started with a trip to Megacon, which sparked a wildfire of ideas that we couldn't ignore, as we had to stop multiple times on the ride back to discuss them all.

       Since then, Martin has gone on to fund Cosmic Times, a successful publishing company that has produced some outstanding works. With each new release, Cosmic Times seems to grow even stronger. I remain deeply thankful for Martin's invaluable contributions to the dream, and I look forward to seeing his continued success in the industry.

 Contact Martin Pierro through Social Media or Email

 Instagram at Cosmic Times (@cosmictimescomics) | Instagram 

Facebook at Martin Pierro | Facebook

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